Official Gay Pride Video

GPM is a presentation video, featuring all the fun of gay pride Maspalomas. Its highly entertaining and full of interviews, complete with English and Spanish subtitles. GPM is also packed with back stage interviews of the Gala show spectacular artists (singers, dancers, drag queens). The video will have it all for you, the most and popular events, Galas , Pool Parties and of course the famous parade... nothing will be missed!! In addition, GPM is in its third edition (its third year) the official video of Gay Pride.

GPM Video Website



First opened in October 1982, becoming one of the shopping and leisure centers largest in Gran Canaria ...

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Gay Center

If anything in C.C.Yumbo Centre makes it especially is undoubtedly the LGBT community (lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual) ...

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In our gallery you will find photos of all the major festivals and events celebrated in C.C.Yumbo Centre...

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