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kiss lounge bar yumbo centre

Kiss Lounge Bar

1st floorLOCAL 161 - 20

On the first floor of the C.C.Yumbo Centre, above the Bunker Bar, is located in a privileged place Kiss Lounge Bar. An elevated outdoor terrace, a different place to start the night...

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bar gay tubos yumbo centre

Tubos Bar

4th floorLOCAL 421 - 15 and 16

We are one of the most popular gay bars of C.C.Yumbo Centre in Playa del Ingles. We can also boast of having the most fun atmosphere, the best Pop music and a young consolidated customers by years...

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Mykonos Bar Yumbo


4th floorLOCAL 421 - 1, 2 and 3

The largest gay bar, possibly the most antique and popular in C.C.Yumbo Centre. With disco pop music, video projection screens, dance floor and cruising area with cabins (for men only)....

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1st floorLOCAL 161 - 10 and 14

Come and enjoy the best house music of our resident Deejay and our Go Go dancers, every day of the year from 22:00 h. to 04:00 h. We also have open air terrace and darkroom for gay men over 18 years...

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La Bulle Yumbo

La Bulle

1st floorLOCAL 131 - 26

The name of the Bar La Bulle, "the bubble" in english, is inspired by the expression "being in a bubble" because we hope you will feel as light as a bubble while here and surrounded like you are in own small cocoon...

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Adonis Bar Yumbo


1st floorLOCAL 131 - 11 and 12

On October 1 of 1996 opened its doors for the first time in C.C.Yumbo Centre Adonis Bar. Since then it has become with Klaus in front of his team in a reference in the scene of Maspalomas...

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Peppermint Cocktail Bar Yumbo


1st floorLOCAL 121 - 3

We will reserve you a warm welcome in a "COSY" atmosphere in this amasing Yumbo Center, our desire is to offer you an experience unique as we should like to have on holidays. We arrived in Gran Canaria in April, 2012 and...

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Peppermint Cocktail Bar Yumbo

Coco Loco

1st floorLOCAL 121 - 3

Coco Loco is a meeting place for young gays from all over Europe who choose Maspalomas tourist destination. Here are a fun atmosphere animated by our performans with projections on our screens and a selection of...

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Adonis Bar Yumbo


1st floorLOCAL 131 - 11 and 12

Noted for its modern decor and ambient lighting to create a warm and cozy environment perfect to enjoy its about 50 cocktails, different beers and of course any kind of drinks...

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Wunderbar gay yumbo centre


1st floorLOCAL 151 - 1 and 2

Whether to celebrate a great holiday to end with a cocktail, or a long, hot night of partying, the WunderBar invites to all. With us you can find the best homemade cocktails, whether classics like Caipirinha, Piña Colada...

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zaza gay bar yumbo centre

Zaza Bar

1st floorLOCAL 111 - 9

The Zaza Bar was opened on 1989 by Jimmy in the shopping center Cita. Seven years later packed everything up and reopend in Yumbo Center. We always believe in great service and we hope that you will enjoy with us...

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hummel hummel gay bar yumbo centre

Hummel Hummel

1st floorLOCAL 141 - 1 and 2

Our bar was a pioneer nightlife exclusively gay people at Gran Canaria, the second of its kind place that opened in Yumbo. A long path that rewards us with a regular clientele throughout the year...

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bar gay junior yumbo centre gran canaria


1st floorLOCAL 111 - 9

Dieter y Jeffrey first opened the doors of the Junior Bar back in 2003. A small but amazing bar on the first floor of the Yumbo Shopping Centre in Maspalomas (Gran Canaria)...

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bar gay diamonds yumbo centre gran canaria


1st floorLOCAL 131 - 21 and 22

Bar Diamonds is an attitude free bar in the heart of Europe's most famous gay nightspot - The Yumbo Centre in Playa Del Ingles, Gran Canaria. It is situated in 2 locals on the ground floor and is the ideal place...

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bar gay mystique yumbo centre


1st floorLOCAL 111 - 3 and 4

Mystique Bar opened in 2009 in the Yumbo with a simple ambition: to make cocktails as good as could be found anywhere in the world. Three years later and our motto hasn't changed and everything we do is...

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querelle bar theatre yumbo centre gran canaria

Querelle Theatre Bar

2nd floorLOCAL 211 - 2

Decorated acclimated in the film Querelle, with reddish tones, very dim ambient light. The best music from the 70s and 80s, Eurovision and popular music...

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bar mana 264 yumbo centre gran canaria

Bar Maná 264

1st floorLOCAL 131 - 18

Maná 264 is a bar created by Rey Rodríguez, enthusiastic and enterprising young man with a large experience in this sector. Located in the south of Gran Canaria, exactly in the YUMBO Centre it´s objective is make of this bar a reference point in Maspalomas...

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bar Macho Macho bei Andre yumbo centre gran canaria

Macho Macho bei Andre

2nd floorLOCAL 261 - 19

On a unique place on Gran Canaria located on the second floor in Yumbo, you find a typical Dutch bar! Macho Macho bei André. Dutch and German "Schlager" music rules the night! For a crazy night out you have to be there!! When the lamps above the bar are...

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Located on the 1st floor
Local 111 - 01 and 02.


Located on the 1st floor
Local 151 - 03 and 04.


Located on the 1st floor
Local 111 - 05.

Bar Eiffel

Located on the 1st floor
Local 121 - 05 and 06.

Bar Xanadú

Located on the 1st floor
Local 131 - 01.

Bar Casa Juan

Located on the 1st floor
Local 131 - 23, 24 and 25.

Bar Divinity

Located on the 1st floor
Local 131 - 11.

Bar Meicker

Located on the 1st floor
Local 131 - 14.

famous bar yumbo gran canaria

Famous Bar

Located on the 1st floor
Local 131 - 16 and 17.

Bar Centre Stage

Located on the 2nd floor
Local 231 - 02.